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My Neighbour's Faith: Montréal Bahá'í Shrine Visit

Thursday, October 20, 2022 17:00to19:30
McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, 3610 Rue McTavish room 36-2, Montreal, Quebec, CA
My Neighbour

Come join us for the second My Neighbour's Faith event this Fall! We'll walk from MORSL to the nearby Montréal Bahá'í Shrine and enjoy an immersive experience in Bahá'í Faith's history and local community. The shrine is the only Bahá'í Shrine in Canada and is also a carefully preserved historical site. It is regularly open to people of all faith and secular backgrounds and is a place of quiet meditation and prayer. We'll learn about the basic beliefs and practices of the Baha'i Faith and discuss the significance of religious pluralism as an ingredient for social cohesion, integration, and mutual respect. This is a great opportunity to engage in interfaith learning which also goes towards your Co-Curricular Record!

My Neighbour's Faith is a series of visits to religious organizations and sacred sites around Montreal to learn about different faith traditions, observe religious practices, and ask faith community members pertinent questions. The series aims to help students become more equipped to live harmoniously in a pluralistic society through immersive exposure, dialogue and experiential learning.

Deadline to RSVP: Thursday, October 20th by 12:00 PM


Meeting point: MORSL (3610 MacTavish St.) at 5:00 PM on Thursday, Oct. 20 


Visitor Guidelines: 

-Wear a mask at this event (per the community's request)

-Dress is business casual

-Shoes are to be removed before entering the shrine

-Food will not be provided

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