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Co-Curricular Record

Student reading a book, with "Co-Curricular Record" overlaying text

What is CCR?

McGill’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a document that recognizes a student's involvement in learning opportunities outside the classroom. Any student currently registered at McGill can sign in to myInvolvement with McGill credentials to view, customize, and print their unofficial student-generated CCR. Students can also request an official CCR be sent to a potential employer or educational institution. The CCR can be a useful addition to your CV/resume or graduate/professional school applications. Use it to showcase your achievements!

CCR Sections

The McGill CCR has five sections:

  1. Activity-Based Awards (select awards that are not recognized on the academic transcript)
  2. Campus and Community Engagement (volunteering, mentorship, tutoring, etc.)
  3. Enriched Educational Opportunities (non-credit, experiential opportunities approved by Faculties)
  4. Personal and Professional Development (workshops, research lectures, etc.)
  5. Student-Led Initiatives (student government positions, SSMU services, student-led workshops, etc.)

Administrative units and recognized student organizations on campus may request to have their eligible opportunities recorded on the CCR.

Eligibility Guidelines

(Please note that EEOs have different eligibility guidelines than other CCR opportunities. For more information, see the EEO FAQs on the myInvolvement knowledge base.)

For student participants to be recognized on the McGill CCR, opportunities:

  • are overseen by McGill University staff, faculty, or recognized student organizations.
    • Student organizations must be affiliated directly with a student government organization, a faculty, or directly with a McGill administrative unit to register with myInvolvement and recognize student participants on the CCR.
  • must have a learning component.
  • are not a degree requirement or required as part of an academic course.
  • are not recognized on the academic transcript.
  • are unpaid or paid a stipend of less than $1000 per academic year. (An exception is made for Faculty-approved EEOs that receive payment or stipends.)
  • meet a 4-hour minimum for volunteer positions/service opportunities. (There is not a minimum time requirement for workshops.)

Click here to learn how to recognize students on their CCRs.


The CCR program strives to be inclusive and fair to all students, therefore it will not be implemented retroactively.

The CCR will acknowledge accomplishments that meet the criteria set out in the guidelines above for the 2014–15 academic year onward. Activities or accomplishment require validation at the time of its completion. Therefore, it can be difficult to validate activities or accomplishments from previous years. The only activities or accomplishments that were acknowledged on the CCR from the past were activities approved and validated during the 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years.

CCRs in Canada

McGill is one of over 80 Canadian universities and colleges that have launched or are developing co-curricular recognition programs, including our peer research-intensive universities in Québec and across the country. We are a member of the Co-Curricular Records Community of Practice at the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services (CACUSS).

You can view the Canadian CCR Standards and Guidelines document here.

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