What is Assessment?

Assessment is the ongoing, systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and using information about divisional, departmental, and programmatic effectiveness, in order to improve student learning (Upcraft & Schuh, 1996; Anderson, Bresciani, & Zelna, 2004).

Assessment and feedback can be invaluable to creating and continuing to improve programs and experiences for students across campus. In what ways can these surveys, focus groups, or consultations make a direct impact? 

  • Make the experience worthwhile and meaningful.
  • Give hard facts about our programs matter and need funding.
  • Make planning easier and more purposeful.
  • Reinforce why we do what we do.
  • Show that we are responsible, committed, and always try to improve experiences.
  • Celebrate our success.
  • Make programs even better next time.
  • Learn about the needs, interests, and behaviors of students.

*Adapted from Campus Labs – SUCSS Assessment Planning Worksheet