What is Assessment?

Assessment is the ongoing, systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and using information about divisional, departmental, and programmatic effectiveness, in order to improve student learning (Upcraft & Schuh, 1996; Anderson, Bresciani, & Zelna, 2004).

Assessment and feedback can be invaluable to creating and continuing to improve programs and experiences for students across campus. In what ways can these surveys, focus groups, or consultations make a direct impact? 

  • Make the experience worthwhile and meaningful.
  • Give hard facts about our programs matter and need funding.
  • Make planning easier and more purposeful.
  • Reinforce why we do what we do.
  • Show that we are responsible, committed, and always try to improve experiences.
  • Celebrate our success.
  • Make programs even better next time.
  • Learn about the needs, interests, and behaviors of students.

*Adapted from Campus Labs – SUCSS Assessment Planning Worksheet

About Student Serivces Assessment, Learning, and Evaluation

Student Services Assessment, Learning, and Evaluation provides leadership, support, expertise for assessment of Student Services, and student involvement tracking. Assessment promotes evidence-based service and student life program improvement through the use of surveys, interviews, focus groups, and consultations to enhance the McGill student experience. Areas of responsibility include: