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The Faculty of Law is proud to offer a wide variety of internship opportunities that allow students to enrich their legal education through practical training, both locally and abroad. Here are just a few of the Faculty’s many offerings:

  • The Legal Clinic Program offers students a chance to work in community organizations and legal clinics providing legal information and assistance to socially disadvantaged individuals and groups, as well as organizations promoting goals of public interest. Students work under the supervision of lawyers associated with each organization and earn 3-6 credits for their contribution.
  • The International Human Rights Internships Program allows students to earn 6 credits while further developing a demonstrated interest in the defence of fundamental human rights. Students are placed with national and international non-governmental organizations and tribunals as interns, with partial funding from the Faculty of Law.
  • The Court and Administrative Tribunals Clerkship offers students the opportunity to earn academic credits while working as a research assistant for a judge or member of an administrative tribunal in Montreal during the academic year or summer.
  • The International Judicial Clerkship Program allows students to learn about international and comparative law by assisting the judges and legal officers of leading international tribunals such as the International Court of Arbitration, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and the International Court of Justice.


Students are encouraged to find out about the full range of internship opportunities at the Faculty of Law by visiting the following pages:

For general information on internship opportunities, please contact:
Student Affairs Office
New Chancellor Day Hall, service counter, 4th floor
SAO.law [at] mcgill.ca

Legal Clinic Program

International Human Rights Internship Program

Court and Administrative Tribunals Clerkship

Career Development Office
cdo.law [at] mcgill.ca

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