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Faculty of Arts Internship Program

Faculty of Arts Internships are an ideal way for you to translate your classroom experience into real-world situations and to gain practical experience in your field before you graduate. Internships are now an integral part of undergraduate programs at North America’s top universities. Most top graduate programs and leading employers require that you have completed at least one internship. The opportunities the Faculty of Arts provides are unparalleled in their breadth and diversity both at McGill and across Canada. The Faculty of Arts offers two types of internships:

  1. with an organization anywhere in the world;
  2. with a professor doing high level research.

No matter which you choose, by the end of your experience you will find yourself in a better position to evaluate the direction you wish to follow and the type of career you may choose to pursue.

Intern with an organization anywhere in the world

The Arts Internship Office can provide you all the assistance you need to find the right internship for you. Whether it’s working on environmental conservation in Northern Quebec, learning trade and diplomacy at a Canadian embassy in Latin America, supporting indigenous people’s advocacy in South Africa, or working at a Hollywood film production company, there are hundreds of opportunities out there, one of which will be right for you. If you will be returning to McGill the semester following your internship and meet the academic criteria, you are eligible to apply for an Arts Internship Award. Each year, more than 100 students receive over $200,000 in funding.

Intern with a professor doing high level research

Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards (ARIA) provide financial support to undergraduate students who undertake research during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty member. This is an opportunity to engage in a high level of scholarship, to enhance your research skills and knowledge in your field, to give you a taste of what life in the academy is like, and to develop a mentoring relationship with your supervising professor that can last a lifetime.

Contact the Arts Internship Office

Arts Internship Office
Leacock Building, 307
aio [at] mcgill.ca

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