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Permanent Mission of Canada to the International Organizations in Vienna (Summer 2021)

The Permanent Mission of Canada to the International Organizations in Vienna (VPERM) is responsible for the management of Canada’s participation in and relationship with the multilateral organizations which have their headquarters in Vienna: the International Atomic Energy Agency; the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization; and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The Mission also manages Canada’s participation in several multilateral export control arrangements based in Vienna - Nuclear Suppliers Group, Wassenaar Arrangement, Zangger Committee, Hague Code of Conduct - along with the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, and the UN Committee on International Trade Law. In relation to its mandate, VPERM provides services to a range of Government Departments and Agencies in Ottawa as well as Crown Corporations and private sector entities.


VPERM is currently looking for one McGill student to fill the position of Policy Intern.

The internship is: 

  • Remote.
  • 12 weeks between June and August 2021, exact dates to be discussed with the host organization. 
  • 4 days a week, 28 hours per week for undergraduate students.
  • 3 days a week, 21 hours per week for graduate (Master level) students.
  • Successful candidates will receive an award issued by the McGill Internship Offices Network valued at $5,500CAD


  • Must be a McGill full-time undergraduate or graduate student (Master level), returning to their current registered faculty in fall 2021.
  • Must be receiving academic credits for the internship.
  • Must fulfill the Internship Offices Network requirements post-internship. For more information download the ION Intern Handbook available on this page

In addition to the above requirements, students will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of medical coverage for the entire duration of the internship.
  • Two of the following: a Quebec lease or mortgage that runs throughout the internship period, copy of Quebec driver’s license, copy of Quebec healthcare card (RAMQ), or confirmation of client account at a Quebec financial institution (i.e.; letter from local financial branch).


To apply, download the internship posting, and follow the instructions:

PDF icon Permanent Mission of Canada to the International Organizations in Vienna - Policy Intern Summer 2021

Carefully read application instructions before submitting your documents. 

Please note: If you are applying to a second degree at McGill and waiting for a response, you must hold a confirmation of acceptance by the application deadline and include it with your application material.



March 8, 2021, 11:59PM Eastern Time, late applications will not be accepted.


SELECTION: Please do not email to inquire about the status of your application. Shortlisted candidates will be required to provide full commitment to the internship selection process by the Permanent Missions of Canada in Vienna and waive any other internship opportunity at this time.

A formal acceptance of an ION internship is a final decision, and under no circumstances (unless health or family-related) can a student withdraw from the internship after accepting. The consequence of this would be refusal of candidature for future ION internship opportunities. Please remember, revoking a spot in one of the organizations means also revoking it from another student who might have had the opportunity to take it.


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