Finding an Internship

Finding an Internship is not an easy undertaking, but there are resources to guide you along your way. Featured on this page are an Interactive Guide to Finding an Internship and a downloadable version of the publication "Internships: A Guide." Both of these have useful tips and can help you break your search - a seemingly massive task - into more manageable and concrete steps.

Remember that an internship is a learning experience, in a professional context, take a look at our internship guide!

Internships: A Guide

How to Find your Own Internship?

CaPS Programs and Services

CaPSCV & Cover Letter Guides

Voluntourism and Fee-based Organizations

How to Find your Own Internship?

To find an internship, you can look through ION Internship Postings, or your own Faculty's opportunities, but you can also find your own internship.
For a little guidance on your independent internship search, you can watch our "How to Find your Own Internship Info Session 2020" on Youtube!

If you look for your internship independently, make sure to read our section on voluntourism and fee-based organizations.

CaPS Programs and Services

As McGill’s central career service, the McGill Career Planning Service assists students from all faculties, schools and departments at all levels from undergraduates to postdocs. Continuing Studies students, as well as recent alumni are also eligible to opt in to the services. CaPS is distinctive among McGill services in that they support student success both throughout their time at McGill and during the critical graduation transition to work/further education.

For a list of some of their programs and services, click here.

CaPS CV & Cover Letter Guides

The following comprehensive guides have been developed by CaPS to help you during the internship search process. You are encouraged to consult them as you write your CV or cover letter, prepare for an interview, job fairs. Click here.


It has been brought to our attention that for-profit “voluntourism” companies have been actively recruiting students. While students are free to take such tours at their own expense, this is not something that the Arts Internship Office can endorse by providing these firms a platform for selling their tours. For this reason, the McGill Internship Offices Network prepares students as much as possible to go with the proper mindset and help ensure that the organizations they work with are both appropriate and willing recipients of our tremendously motivated students. Aside from the fact that such tours fall outside of our efforts to ensure a good learning experience for students, the fact that they often generate significant profits by charging our students steep charges is antithetical to the university’s teaching mission and runs the risk of generating a backlash in host countries that will only make it more difficult for us to find quality internships for our students.

Fee-Based Organizations

Please note that the McGill Internship Offices Network does not fund for-profit, third-party, student-administered, or fee-based organizations which find internships for you. These programs are not eligible for academic, credit, or recognition on the Co-Curricular Record.

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