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COVID-19 Updates from International Student Services
International students with a valid study permit or study permit approval letter can now travel to Canada as long as they are registered at a designated learning institution (DLI) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. McGill is one of the institutions on the list of DLIs with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. Students travelling to Canada will need to have a self-quarantine plan to ensure that they can self-isolate for 14 days after arrival.

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What to do in Quarantine?

Checklist for Your Quarantine Period 

Are you worried about how to fill up your days during your 14-day quarantine? ISS has organized a logistics checklist and a list of activities and mental health resources to ensure a healthy and smooth transition to daily life in Montreal. Checking the items off this list will help you get ahead on the logistics of settling into Montreal and Canada and will also help you keep busy.


  • Enroll on the McGill Quarantine Listserv to get connected to others in quarantine and get an invite to our virtual quarantine party!
  • Compare and purchase a cell phone plan(ex. Videotron, TELUS, Bell, Virigin Mobile)
    • Note: Most telecommunications companies allow you to order your SIM card online. Make sure to compare phone plans before purchasing a SIM card
  • Order online groceries (Walmart is the only grocery store that will accept international Visas until you can open a Canadian bank account)
  • Research banks and student plans (ex. TD, Scotia Bank, RBC, Bank of Montreal, Desjardins)
  • Browse the list of student clubs and associations you may want to join  
  • Read up about your International Student Health Insurance (IHI) Plan
  • Follow ISS on Facebook and Instagram

Fun things to do during quarantine: 

Health and Wellness Resources


Therapy Assisted Online (TAO): McGill students have free access to therapy modules, mindfulness library, and more.

Meditation & Mindfulness apps:

  • Insight Timer
  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Ten Percent
  • Tide

Peer Support:

Professional Support:

McGill Student Wellness Hub (closed from from Dec. 24 2020 – January 3rd 2020 inclusively)

Maple Virtual Care: remote 24/7 consultations with doctors, available from within Canada, free for international students on IHI plan

Keep.meSAFE: remote 24/7 counseling services available to McGill students from anywhere in the world (in up to 60 different languages)

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