ISS is available virtually and in-person Mondays-Fridays during business hours.

International Student Health Insurance

McGill requires all international students* and their accompanying dependents to participate in the compulsory McGill International Health Insurance Plan

*Please note: This coverage is not automatic - nor compulsory - for Canadian citizens arriving from outside of Canada.  Non-resident Canadian students have the option of enrolling on McGill's International Student Health Insurance Plan (details here).


Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an exemption. Students covered by private health insurance are not exempt from the McGill plan.

Coverage, Rates, Exemptions, Claims, etc.:

Details and information on the McGill International Health Insurance Plan.

Supplemental dental coverage:

Students starting in September who are enrolled in McGill's International Health Insurance plan also receive supplemental dental coverage from their student society (SSMU, MCSS or PGSS).  Students starting in January must opt-in to this plan, should they wish to have dental coverage.  For details, please contact your student society (SSMU, MCSS or PGSS).

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