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Step 1: Volunteer to be a Buddy

Buddy Volunteer Benefits and Commitment

As a Buddy Volunteer*, you may be the very first friend a new international student has at McGill! You play an important role in easing the new student's transition to McGill and to Montreal, and in helping them feel a little less overwhelmed by their new environment. There are many benefits to volunteering, including:

  • making new social connections
  • learning about another culture (or connecting with someone from your own culture)
  • developing intercultural communication skills
  • acquiring mentorship experience
  • obtaining recognition on your official McGill Co-Curricular record
  • building self-esteem, confidence and sense of purpose
  • increasing social and relationships skills
  • combating depression and making us happier
  • counteracts biological effects of stress, anger and anxiety
  • feeling part of the community
  • making a difference enhances self-efficacy

Additional resources-

The benefits of volunteering - World Vision Canada

The benefits of volunteerism - The New York Times

Value of Volunteering Wheel - Volunteer Canada

By joining the International Buddy Program as a Volunteer, you're committing to:

  • A minimum of one academic term (selected by you)
  • Emailing your Buddy within 7 days of being matched
  • Meeting with your Buddy at least once in person
  • Sending a mid-semester check-in message to your Buddy
  • Completing your end-of-term report
  • Participating in a 1-hour training webinar (see Step #2 above)


* Please note: To be a Buddy Volunteer, you must have been a McGill student for at least one (1) full academic year.

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