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Cancelling your insurance policy

General information

McGill's International Student Health Insurance Plan is compulsory for all international students, except in rare situations where exemptions may be granted. However, your health insurance coverage may be cancelled if you:

More information about these situations can be found below. For a detailed explanation of the cancellation process, contact ISS.

Reasons for cancelling

Graduation from McGill

When you graduate, you may be eligible for a term-based prorated credit of your annual IHI fee, and you must request your credit in writing by [at] (e-mail).


  • January 31 for a credit of the Fall and Winter semesters.
  • May 31 for a credit of the Summer semester.

Please take note that if you are remaining in Canada after completing your final semester at McGill, namely past December 31st or April 30th, we strongly recommend keeping your IHI contract for at least another semester. Normally, international students are eligible to apply for RAMQ once they obtain their PGWP. However, there is a 3-month delay from receiving your PGWP to become eligible for RAMQ.


Withdrawal from McGill/Inactive status

If you withdraw from McGill or your status at McGill becomes inactive, your coverage will end and your student account will be adjusted to include a term-based pro-rated refund of your insurance premiums. If the date of your withdrawal is before the Registrar's Web withdrawal deadline, you will receive a full prorated refund of insurance premiums paid. If the date of your withdrawal is after the Registrar's Web withdrawal deadline, you will receive a partial refund. Please note that if any claims were made during the term in which you withdraw, we will not be able to process a refund for that term. If you have been granted a leave of absence, please check with your Faculty to determine how your status will be affected.

For information on withdrawal deadlines, please visit McGill's Withdrawal website.

Permanent resident status

If you become a Canadian permanent resident in a given term you will be eligible for a refund for the future term(s) within the current academic year.   In order for your coverage to be adjusted, you must send your record of landing and/or your Quebec Medicare card (RAMQ)/letter to ISS by [at] (e-mail)

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