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Immigration Documents

Find out which immigration documents are necessary for you (based on length of your program) to study legally in Quebec and Canada....


Montreal summers are humid and range from warm to hot with an average Temperature of 22-30 °C. Spring and fall can be mild, but pone to drastic temperature changes. Late season heat waves and even...

Renewing immigration documents

Once you arrive in Canada, keep copies of all important documents (e.g. Passport, Study Permit, CAQ, Health Insurance Card, etc.) in a safe place, and take note of your documents' expiry dates.

International Health Insurance Forms

Please find below the International Health Insurance (IHI) forms:...

1. Blue Cross handbook - Group no. 95258

IHI Rates for the 2016-2017 academic year Single IHI plan: $993 Dependent IHI plan: $3,048 Family IHI plan: $5,793

Quick Pay

Quick Pay (Paiement Express) is a convenient service that reimburses you for the medical expenses you incur. You do not need to complete a claim form.                                               ...