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COVID-19 Updates from International Student Services
International students with a valid study permit or study permit approval letter can now travel to Canada as long as they are registered at a designated learning institution (DLI) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. McGill is one of the institutions on the list of DLIs with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. Students travelling to Canada will need to have a self-quarantine plan to ensure that they can self-isolate for 14 days after arrival.

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Permanent Residence

Before reviewing the information below, please see ISS' COVID-19 FAQs and resources pages for up to date information on the impact of COVID-19 on immigration related matters.

While ISS cannot advise you on Permanent Residence, you can...

Permanent Residence card1. Visit the Immigration Quebec website for detailed information on the application process.

2. Attend Immigration Quebec Information Sessions:

     - on campus, posted under Events & Workshops 
     - online, through the Immigration Quebec website

3. Review the Info Session slides online after you attend the presentation.

4. Take French courses that meet the Level 7 requirement for the PEQ program.

  • *Please see our  iSTEP French Guide outlining the McGill French courses required to obtain your CSQ. 

5. Obtain the required "Proof of degree granted" letter from Service Point if you are applying for your CSQ under the PEQ program. 

*Important transitional measures for Fall 2020 graduates and new PEQ program. Please see Immigration Quebec’s FAQs under If I obtain my diploma before December 31, 2020, can I submit an application for permanent selection based on the selection conditions in effect before the changes were made to the Québec Immigration Regulation on July 22, 2020?

All foreign students who obtained an admissible diploma under the PEQ or who will obtain one by December 31, 2020, can submit an application for permanent selection based on the selection conditions that were in place before July 22, 2020.

If you have finished your study program during the 2020 fall session, that is, by December 31, 2020 or before this date, you can take advantage of the PEQ selection conditions that were in place before July 22, 2020, which means being selected on the basis of an eligible diploma without having to acquire work experience after completion of a study program, even if your attestation of successful completion or your diploma is issued by an educational institution after December 31, 2020.

I Choose Montreal6. Sign up for the I Choose Montreal newsletter or follow them on Facebook

I Choose Montreal is a project run by Montréal International (MI) in partnership with Immigration Quebec to better support students in Greater Montreal who would like to stay in Quebec after their studies. I Choose Montreal provides information, resources, and activities (such as networking opportunities) for those students. 

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