Study Permit Renewal Guide


How to Extend your Study Permit from within Canada

Before you start: ensure that you have a valid passport and CAQ. Your new Study Permit will not be valid beyond the expiry dates of these documents.

US students ONLY:  Please note that you can renew your Study Permit at the border (Lacolle/Champlain, St. Armand/Phillipsburg, or Stanstead), or - if arriving by plane - with immigration services at the airport (instead of online).

Students needing Entry Visas (TRVs):  When applying to renew your study permit or work permit from within Canada, you will only receive the study permit or work permit. The TRV/entry visa must be renewed separately and only once your receive your study or work permit extension. You must have a valid TRV/entry visa to enter Canada from abroad, except when re-entering Canada after a visit solely to the US.

Step-by-step guide

1. Log into MyCIC (or register for an account).  If you are registering for a new account, you will apply for a "GC key" (log in).

2. Fill out the Questionnaire.  If you are renewing your Study Permit, remember to include your Universal Client ID (UCI), which is printed on your current Study Permit.

NOTE:  McGill's CIC Designated Learning Institution number (DLI#) is O19359011033

3. Complete, Validate, Save & Upload the PDF Form

4. Upload Supporting Documents

You will be asked to upload a list of supporting documents based on the answers you provided to the questionnaire.  Make sure that you upload your CAQ even if it's not explicitly requested; Immigration Canada will not renew your Study Permit without seeing your valid CAQ.

N.B. If you are extending your current Study Permit, you DO NOT need your original letter of acceptance, but you DO need your Proof of Enrolment (which can be printed off Minerva).

5. Processing times

You can check how long it will take to get your Study Permit here.  Processing times vary according to volume and time of year.

Can I travel while waiting for my online study permit renewal application made inside Canada is still in process?

When travelling back into Canada you should bring with you proof that you have renewed your study permit and a copy of the supporting documents that you submitted for your study permit application (i.e. your CAQ, proof of enrollment, your transcript, etc.).

If you come back before you study permit expires, the border office has the right to question your intention to remain in Canada on a temporary basis and question whether you will leave the country by the date that your study permit expires. This is why it is important that you can demonstrate that you have applied to renew your status.

If you come back to Canada after your study permit expires and before you receive your new study permit, the following are possible scenarios that can occur according to Immigration Canada’s website:

If you have applied to extend your study permit and plan on traveling outside Canada while your application is in process, you can leave Canada and come back. However, one of three things will happen when you return to Canada:

• You may be admitted to Canada as a temporary resident visitor, if Immigration Canada has not yet decided to extend your study permit. If so, you cannot study until you receive your new permit. The officer at the port of entry may ask you to prove you have enough money to support yourself in Canada.
• You may be admitted to Canada as a student, if the officer at the port of entry can confirm that Immigration Canada extended your study permit while you were away.
• You may be asked to apply for a new study permit at the port of entry.

Note: It is possible that you will not be able to enter Canada. The final decision is made at the border by the border services officer.

We always advise students to wait and remain in Canada while their study permit renewal application is being processed.  However, if that is not a possibility you should be aware of the possible scenarios that can occur.

If you are having technical problems with your Immigration Canada online application, please contact the Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1.888.242.2100.