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International Health Insurance - FAQs

I am an international student beginning my first semester at McGill University and my spouse is pregnant. If I will be enrolling into the Dependent coverage plan will any maternity expenses be covered once we arrive to Canada?

Yes, but coverage is limited. If you or your spouse were not insured by the Blue Cross International Health Insurance plan or by a similar benefit from a group insurance plan offered by a recognized Canadian educational institution during the previous academic year, maternity benefits including delivery - are insured if normal delivery takes place during the first 30 weeks following initial registration in the plan up to a maximum of $10,000Please be aware that medical and hospital costs are extremely high for non-residents of Canada and financial plans should be made prior to your arrival to Canada.

Is pregnancy covered under international health insurance plan?

YES. Most prenatal-related expenses and delivery, including midwife services, are covered under the international health insurance plan if the normal delivery takes place after the first 30 weeks of the initial registration to the international health insurance plan. For more details on the coverage related to pregnancy, please refer to page 10 of the Blue Cross Handbook

I have a pre-existing condition, are there any limitations to the insurance coverage that I should be aware of?

YES. Any expenses directly or indirectly related to a pre-existing condition are payable to a lifetime maximum of $10,000 for each pre-existing condition. Please refer to the Blue Cross Handbook page 6 for more details.

Are international students covered by a dental plan?

Yes, undergraduate international students are automatically covered by the SSMU Dental Plan or, for students enrolled in a program at the Macdonald Campus, the MCSS Dental Plan. Graduate international students have the PGSS Dental plan. Students wishing to opt out of the dental plan may do so at International Student Services is not involved in the administration of Student Societies dental plans.

As a French national, I am eligible for the Quebec provincial health plan (RAMQ) and the prescription drug plan, and thus exempted from the international health insurance plan. Is it nevertheless advisable to opt-in to SSMU Health plan?

YES. We recommend to opt-in to the SSMU Health plan as it is a supplemental health insurance plan that will cover all other expenses that are not covered under the RAMQ provincial plan. You can also review what RAMQ provincial plan actually covers and what SSMU Health plan covers additionally.

Opt-in to the SSMU plan normally happens at the end of August and throughout September - online(, but be careful because if you miss the opt-in period you will not be able to opt-in until the next academic year.

There are actually, 9 other countries in addition to France that have a reciprocal social agreement with the province of Quebec and students from these countries are eligible for the provincial health plan. However, international students are NOT eligible for the prescription drug plan, with the exception of French students.

Is there a co-payment or deductible amount that students have to pay?

Blue Cross (insurance company) reimburses students’ medical expenses according to the Quebec rate meaning that if you use a “public” hospital or the McGill Health Clinic, Blue Cross will reimburse that expense according to the Quebec rate. If you choose to use a private clinic or off-campus clinic the rates tend to be higher than what a “public” institution would charge therefore you will not get a full reimbursement for your medical expenses. We recommend to always check your coverage limitations with the Blue Cross insurance provider before setting-up your visit at an off-campus clinic. Blue Cross customer service can be reached at 1-888-588-1212.

Please note, that hospitals in the Montreal area or the McGill Health Clinics invoice Blue Cross directly.

My doctor advised me that I will need a minor surgery, is there anything I should be aware of before the surgery takes place?

YES. A pre-authorization is mandatory in order to confirm coverage and validate terms of payment. A Pre-Authorization Request form must be filled out prior to any planned hospitalizations or surgeries and sent to Blue Cross. Failure to submit this form will automatically result in a denial of the claim.

Where can I see a doctor?

McGill’s health and wellness services have integrated into a new “one-stop shop” called the Student Wellness Hub. To access support and services, simply visit the Hub Reception Area on the 3rd floor of the Brown Student Services Building (3600 McTavish Street, West Wing). At Macdonald Campus, services can be accessed in Centennial Centre, room 124. Details about types of services offered, opening hours, and more, are available on the Virtual Student Wellness Hub.

For off-campus support and resources, visit the Virtual Hub’s off-campus care page for a list of service providers.

I am a Canadian citizen but I have been living abroad. Is it mandatory for me to obtain International Health Insurance? Can I opt-in if I choose to?

If you are a Canadian citizen you do not need to be covered by the International Health Insurance plan, regardless of your place of residence.

However, non-resident Canadian students who are not eligible for a Canadian health plan and have no insurance coverage or whose private insurance is not sufficient, have the option of enrolling on McGill's International Student Health Insurance Plan. To do so they must complete an online registration form on ISS website under Health Insurance Menu no later than September 30 (Fall Term) or January 30 (Winter Term) or May 31 (Summer term).

Why do I need to be covered during the summer term if I am not registered in any classes? (undergraduate student)

It is a requirement from Immigration Quebec that all international students maintain health and hospitalization insurance in Quebec during the entire validity period of your CAQ. All undergraduate students maintain an active student status during the summer term, regardless whether they are registered in courses or not during the summer term.

If I come back home for a visit or travel for leisure during the holidays or a scheduled break, do I have any health insurance coverage?

The International health insurance benefits are provided on a 24-hour basis, twelve months a year, worldwide.  For any leisure travel outside of Canada (and not to your country of origin), you are covered for emergencies up to 4 weeks of travel per trip. Please refer to the Travel Benefit section on page 14 of the BC Handbook for more details. For leisure travel outside of Canada beyond 4 weeks, coverage is limited to emergencies requiring hospitalization only and up to a maximum of $2,000 per day for all services combined (maximum of $500,000 CAD for the lifetime of the contract). If you plan to travel outside of Canada for more than 4 weeks or to travel to your country of origin, we recommend that you obtain additional travel insurance. Blue Cross Quebec offers travel health insurance for leisure to complement the Blue Cross IHI plan. Please call (514) 906-4923 to purchase the plan. 

Reimbursements are made in Canadian currency according to the exchange rate of the day the claim is processed and in accordance with the Quebec
Provincial Schedule of fees.

I will be participating in an exchange next semester outside of Canada; does the IHI plan extend to cover me while I am abroad?

Yes, extended IHI is available for international students participating in an exchange or study away program. Please refer to the coverage details for Study Away Program Outside of Canada.