Entry Visa (TRV) Application Guide

  How to Apply for an Entry Visa (TRV) from within Canada

Before you start: ensure that you have a valid passport, CAQ and Study Permit. Your new entry visa (TRV) will not be valid beyond the expiry dates of these documents.

Step-by-step guide

1. Log into MyCIC (or register for an account)

2. Fill out the Questionnaire

3. Complete, Validate, Save, then Upload the PDF Form

NOTE:  McGill's CIC Designated Learning Institution number (DLI#) is O19359011033

Important Tip:

When asked for your current country of residence, be sure to indicate “Canada”, otherwise you may be asked to provide biometric information (which is not required when applying for a new TRV from within Canada). If – despite indicating that your current country of residence is Canada – you are still asked to submit biometric information, you can simply ignore the request (this has been confirmed to us by an agent from the CIC Case Processing Centre in Ottawa).

4. Upload Supporting Documents

You will be asked to upload a list of supporting documents based on the answers you provided to the questionnaire. Here's an example:

Click on the ? if you need more details about the supporting document in question.

N.B.  You do NOT need a Letter of Acceptance; instead, print & upload a copy of your Proof of Enrolment from Minerva.

Processing Times

You can check how long it will take to get your Entry Visa (TRV) here. Processing times vary according to volume and time of year.

Technical problems?

Contact the CIC Call Centre at 1.888.242.2100.