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Drop-in hours

When should I see an Advisor?

If you were unable to find the answers to your questions on the ISS, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), or Immigration Quebec websites, or if you have a particularly complex problem, you are welcome to meet with one of our International Student Advisors.

Who can see an Advisor?

All undergraduate and graduate degree students, post-doctoral fellows, exchange students, visiting students, and other students who have opted in to Student Services fees

NOTE: Continuing Studies students must contact the School of Continuing Studies.*


Brown Building, West Wing, Suite 4400

Photo: Alain Laforest

No appointment necessary; students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

BEFORE your appointment, please:

  1. Do your research by consulting relevant sections of the ISS website

  2. Bring all relevant documentation (e.g. Passport, CAQ, Study Permit, etc.)

* Unless they have opted in to Student Services fees