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International partnerships are key ingredients of our academic and research reputation. The International Team helps evaluate and facilitate these partnerships. Here is how we can engage:

Research Collaboration

Research collaborations typically arise from shared interest of individual researchers, which then grow organically to involve groups and departments. Strong research collaborations may lead to joint student supervision, joint sponsored research projects and visiting professorship opportunities. Often, such research collaborations exist without any formal agreement. 

More information on how to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with McGill University, can be found here.

Teaching Exchanges

Teaching exchanges allow professors to take part in short or long term teaching assignments at partner institutions. Exchanges typically grow out of mutual research interest between McGill researchers and their international peers. McGill currently participates in Erasmus+ Staff Mobility with several European universities. If your institution is eligible for this program and interested in engaging with us, please contact the Erasmus + administrator at your university to secure mobility spots with McGill.  While we do not currently have any other university-wide framework for teaching exchanges, such arrangements can be explored with your McGill collaborators on a departmental level.  

For more information on specific visiting professorship opportunities, please visit faculty websites.

Student Exchanges

Student exchange is a reciprocal program which allows students to study abroad at a host institution for one semester or one academic year while paying tuition to their home institution.  To engage in a student exchange partnership with McGill, prospective partners must meet a number of criteria before the partnership is approved. The partnership is then formalised by signing a Student Exchange Agreement (SEA). 

For more information on how to establish a Student Exchange Agreement contact McGill Abroad.


Joint Thesis Supervision 

Joint Thesis Supervision (Cotutelle) Agreements regulate individualized collaborative programs of study on the doctoral level, which lead to a single Ph.D. degree delivered jointly by two participating universities. Cotutelles are administered by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. More information about Joint Thesis Supervision (Cotutelle) Agreements can be found here.

Student Research Traineeship

Research traineeships enable Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral-level students to conduct research at McGill under the supervision of a McGill faculty member.  Traineeships do not require an inter-institution agreement between the student's home university and McGill.  More information about Student Research Traineeships can be found here.


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