Guides + Policies

While innovation is a priority for the University, the creation of innovations can have numerous consequences, both academic and commercial. This is why the University administration, as well as Innovation and Partnerships (I+P), have created various guides and policies to oversee and manage innovation, in matters such as Intellectual Property, Reports of Invention, Patent disclosure and conflicts of interest. For the convenience of innovators across McGill, links to those materials are gathered here.

Conflict of Interest

Although the University firmly supports innovation, there can be situations where it poses a conflict of interest. Consult the following documents for more information on how to proceed in these cases:

Guide for Faculty Inventors

The path from idea to reality can feel overwhelming to potential inventors. To assist Faculty members, I+P has prepared a Guide for Faculty Inventors to help McGill researchers realize the full potential of their ideas.

University Policies

Complete information on relevant rules and regulations developed by University administration to govern innovation:

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