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Professor Gregory Dudek

The path from innovation to commercialization is often much longer than anticipated and is frequently not in a straight line. But it is also one that does not have to be taken alone. Indeed, many entrepreneurs recount how the advice or support of key people early on in their journey made a real difference – and as a result, they are often very keen to pay the favor forward. For those who wish to get involved in innovation at McGill by offering the benefit of their experience and advice, this page is for you.

There are many ways to get involved in innovation at McGill, such as by attending one of the numerous events that are held on campus, such as the annual Celebration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship or the Dobson Cup. There are also smaller events such as the John D. Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar. You can also take a more engaged approach by volunteering as a judge. This can give you an opportunity to review grant applications at TechAccel, or to evaluate student business pitch skills at other events.

To find more ways to get involved in innovation at McGill, have a look at our FAQs:

Frequently asked questions

I am an experienced entrepreneur and I want to offer my advice on a regular basis. How can I go about this?

There are many ways entrepreneurs can lend their expertise. By acting as a judge in a pitch session, for example, or by reviewing grant applications (e.g., TechAccel). You could also become a mentor. The first place to start would be identifying your area of expertise, and then contacting the relevant leads in those areas. For business-related entrepreneurship, reach out to the Dobson Centre. For medicine-related ventures, and for engineering-centric businesses, reach out to the McGill Engine.

I am a McGill alumnus/a and want to help, but no longer live in Montreal. How can I help foster innovation at McGill?

Your generous donation can help our students make their own discoveries. To directly support individual student projects, you might want to look at the Seeds of Change, a crowdfunding platform that will allow you to give to specific activities. Or, you may prefer to support the University’s innovation efforts through one of its faculties.
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