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Alberta politician who is spreading conspiracy theories could become premier

Published: 16Sep2022

Danielle Smith is running for the leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, and could become Alberta’s next premier. But Smith is campaigning on a platform that includes internet...

McGill Personal Financial Essentials course helps people understand common investing mistakes

Published: 6Jan2023

Human instinct is not well-suited to making wise investments, says Prof. Benjamin Croitoru in an interview with Global News. Fear of missing out is just one example of this. Following the crowd can...

Delve: How Banks and Institutional Investment Funds Are Driving the Road to Net-Zero

Published: 5Jan2023

One of the biggest challenges today for financial institutions is how to meet net-zero climate targets while achieving high returns on investment and satisfying the needs of various stakeholders....

Central bank digital currencies could help improve financial inclusion

Published: 21Dec2022

People are using cash less, and plastic more. But this presents a problem for unbanked and underbanked people. There are still a significant number of Canadians who don’t have a bank account. They...

Crypto’s impressive returns led institutional investors to consider unconventional investments

Published: 2Dec2022

Cryptocurrencies have always been volatile, but they have also generated some very impressive returns. Even large pension funds got in on the action, and some of them have been burned. By investing...

A place to call home trumps portfolio diversification for some investors

Published: 14Nov2022

Many households are heavily, or even exclusively, invested in real estate. That’s a lot of money to have tied up in a single type of investment, but people don’t think of houses like other...

Delve: Why digital currencies could change the future of central banking

Published: 8Nov2022

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) represent a possible next step in the technological evolution of banking and the financial intermediation sector, with advances in privacy, fraud protection,...

Peer-to-peer lending platforms are a potential disruptor to a long-established industry

Published: 2Nov2022

For small businesses – and aspiring businesspeople -- banks have been a financial gatekeeper. Without assets and a business credit profile, businesses are often out of luck. But peer-to-peer...

Real estate investment helps Canadian pension plans outperform peers

Published: 31Oct2022

Canada’s pension plans consistently outperformed their peers between 2004 and 2018, largely thanks to their diversified their assets, which include investments in real estate and infrastructure...


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