Delve: Can Wikipedia Fix Its Information Inequality Problem?

Published: 13Jan2022

Wikipedia has revolutionized the way that knowledge is produced and dramatically increased access to information. A closer look at the 300,000 active editors who contribute to Wikipedia’s millions...

DABI 2022 - Eighth Annual Business and Development Conference


Pan-Africanism: Binding Africa Through Business and Trade The event will take place on Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th./desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

PIVOT Project Celebrates Heroes of Sustainable Business

Published: 12Jan2022

In a new episode of “Canada’s Podcast,” Professor Dror Etzion describes the PIVOT Project’s ongoing efforts to shine a spotlight on Canadian SMEs that are leading the charge toward a sustainable,...

Making investing more transparent

Published: 11Jan2022

In a new paper, Professor Maxime Cohen and his colleagues push for IPOs to adopt “triggered disclosures” instead of one-size-fits-all disclosures about their operations. Although currently...

Solving the pandemic puzzle in 2022

Published: 11Jan2022

In an interview with Radio Canada’s Maxime Coutié, Dr. Joanne Liu (IMHL’14) outlines several potential challenges and solutions for another year of the COVID-19 pandemic. From Dr. Liu’s perspective...

Desautels alumnus makes list of most influential personalities

Published: 11Jan2022

Congratulations to Ronald Ajavon (IMPM’15) for receiving one of Francopresse’s 2021 Canadian Francophone Influential Personalities Awards. As the Director General of the Council of Fransaskois...

A call to share the vaccine with the world

Published: 11Jan2022

According to Dr. Joanne Liu (IMHL'14), countries like Canada can accelerate the end of the pandemic by lending support to developing countries where vaccination rates are lower, and variants tend...

McGill professor at the forefront of environmental change

Published: 11Jan2022

Since its publication in 2014, Professor Henry Mintzberg’s book, Rebalancing Society, has been heralded as a handbook for environment and social sustainability by the United Nations and hundreds of...

Pushing back against fast fashion

Published: 11Jan2022

The past five years have seen a rise in privately owned apparel resale companies, bucking previous trends toward fast fashion. Between ongoing clothing supply shortages and growing concern about...


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