Made in Quebec

Made in Quebec: Building a better future, one CMU at a time

23 Feb 2022

There is simply no escaping the fact that 2022 has started out with a completely different sound than a resounding and joyful ‘bang!’ Perhaps we can charitably say it began with a dull, familiar...

Made in Quebec: Illuminating hidden brain cancer cells

18 Nov 2021

It's a scene that plays out daily in operating rooms around the world: a surgeon removes a malignant brain tumour. But rather than registering the satisfaction of having saved a patient’s life,...

Made in Quebec: Moneyball in Montreal

30 Apr 2021

In 1999, at the tender age of 18, Craig Buntin boarded an airplane in Kelowna, BC. His destination: Montreal. His purpose: to find the necessary coaching that would help him reach his dream of...

Made in Quebec: The Sky is the Limit for Nanocrystals

21 Jun 2021

“It’s like a Saturn V rocket, except it’s upside down.” Howard Fields is excited, and with good reason: things at Anomera are poised to takeoff, and in a big way....

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