Indigenous Knowledge Holder Series

For the Indigenous Knowledge Holder Series, the Indigenous Studies Program seeks to enrich the McGill Community by inviting an Indigenous Knowledge Holder to spend a week at the university to share their scholarship, work, and advocacy.  Indigenous Knowledge Holders ­– whether they be wampum belt holders, storytellers, artists, activists, hereditary leaders, or academics– encompass generations of knowledge embedded within the cultural and epistemological worldview of Indigenous communities that span generations. This Series seeks to act as a bridge between that knowledge and the institution while placing an emphasis on Indigenous community collaborations and partnerships through academic events, workshops, and community presentations.


The 2019 Indigenous Knowledge Holder is Skawennati, she is a Kahnawake-born artist whose work addresses history, the future, and change from her perspective as both an urban Mohawk woman and a cyberpunk avatar. She is co-director of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace at Concordia University.

Learn more about Her keynote entitled My Life As an Avatar  here, the screening of her machinima here, or if you are interested in joining the beading circle on Friday click here.

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