1. Student Recruitment and Retention - Completed

3. Recruitment Officer Positions (immediate term)

The Task Force calls on our University to fund a second Indigenous Recruitment Officer position to promote McGill University in a broader range of Indigenous communities and to support recruitment from any future pathway partnerships (immediate-term).


  • In 2017, a second Indigenous Outreach Associate position was created for Indigenous Recruitment.
  • In 2019, with the launch of the new Indigenous Enrolment Strategy, this role evolved to focus on relationship building with Indigenous communities and development of outreach programming, while offering support for recruitment activities.

9. Increased Indigenous MDCM Allocation (immediate term)

The Task Force calls on our University to advocate for an increase in the number of seats specifically available to Indigenous students who plan to study Medicine in the provincial MDCM Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculty of Medicine Program. Currently just four MDCM seats are allocated for Indigenous students provincially, which the four universities share.


  • The Indigenous Health Curriculum Committee increased allocation by two, for a total of six seats for Indigenous students to enter the Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculties of Medicine Program.

14. Indigenous Access McGill (immediate term)

The Task Force calls on our University to fund Indigenous Access McGill in a sustainable manner to ensure the ongoing support of Indigenous students enrolled in Social Work at McGill.


  • The School of Social Work has allocated permanent funding since 2019.
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