Hilah Silver

RN, BSc(N), PhD (Candidate)

Hilah is a perinatal nurse clinician and a graduate student in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. Since 2016 she has been caring for Inuit and Cree women and families transferred to Montreal for perinatal care. For several years she volunteered as a community worker with marginalized and vulnerable pregnant women and young families. Her interests include maternal child health, Indigenous women’s health, cultural safety in childbirth, feminist and anti-colonial methodologies, and participatory research. 

Contact: hilah.silver [at]


Kayla McCarney 

Kayla is a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology at McGill University. Prior to attending McGill, she had been working as a Research Coordinator for a SSHRC funded project that evaluates the user experiences of rural midwifery care in Nova Scotia, with Drs Sarah Rudrum and Lesley Frank. Her MA thesis focused on urban Indigenous women’s’ birthing experiences in hospital environments. Her interests include rural community sustainability, Indigenous maternal health, social determinants of health and critical health policy.


Isabella Kakish

Isabella is an undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a BA in Psychology and International Development. Previously, she has worked for the Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants and the Reflect Organization to get a broader understanding of mental health within specific populations. Her interests include mental health disparities within marginalized communities, specifically indigenous women and refugees, and the impact of cultural competency within mental healthcare providers and treatment. 


Hani Rukh E Qamar

Hani Rukh E Qamar is a BSc. Psychology and International Development Studies student at McGill University. She is the Founder of the Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants (CAWI), and a Policy Fellow at the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP). Hani is involved in research focusing on immigrant populations, cultural connection in youth mental health, Islamophobia and the impact of COVID-19 on women's mental health. Hani's interests include the mental health of immigrants and refugees, cross-cultural approaches in psychological interventions and health disparities in marginalized communities. 



Sydney Gelfand, MA in Sociology

Tiffany Harrington Ashoona, MSc in Transcultural Psychiatry

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