• In collaboration with Sociocultural Consultation and Interpretation Services – SCIS at the MUHC, the IMIHW Lab co-sponsored a series of anti-racism webinars in Winter 2021 entitled, "Unpacking Racism: Tools for Healthcare Workers". The webinar series will kicked off with a presentation by the IMIHW Lab's Director, Dr. Zoua Vang, on Racism, Discrimination and Health Care.
  • Dr. Vang spoke about COVID-19, anti-Asian discrimination, and health as part of CRARR’s COVID-19 Infodemic: Countering Discrimination and Disinformation, Voices of Canada’s Experts series:
  • In the wake of the tragic death of Joyce Echaquan, Dr. Vang was interviewed by CTV Montreal news about systemic racism in health care. See the interview here.
  • The IMIHW Lab co-sponsored a workshop on Cultural Safety in Maternal-Infant Health Care: Lessons from Nunavik at the Montreal Children's Hospital (January 2020).
  • Irnisursiriartutuq nunaringngitamini (Birthing outside the community) was featured in the McGill Reporter for International Women's Day.
  • Dr. Vang and elder Martha Greig gave a presentation entitled, “Perinatal depression in Inuit communities” at the Begin Before Birth Canada: Progress in Intervention & Prevention Symposium, McGill University (May 2019).
  • Dr. Vang delivered a plenary presentation on “Implicit Biases and Stereotypes: Challenges to the Delivery of Culturally Safe Health Care and Social Services in Northern and Remote Indigenous Communities” as part of the Race and Identity in Northern Canada symposium organized by McGill North (January 2019).
  • Dr. Vang gave a talk on “The Role of Hospital Bureaucracy and Racial Stereotypes in Patient-Provider Interactions: Evidence from Indigenous Childbirth Evacuees in Quebec” as part of the Center of American Indian and Minority Health’s AHC Research Seminar Series, University of Minnesota-Duluth (March 2019).
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