Stream (on SharePoint) has replaced Stream (Classic)

Published: 31 October 2023

McGill has completed its transition from the Stream (Classic) video-sharing platform to the new Stream (on SharePoint). Effective October 31, 2023, the Stream (Classic) interface is permanently disabled.

Stream (on SharePoint) is an intelligent enterprise video experience that is part of Microsoft 365. It empowers you to record, upload, discover, share, and manage video like any other file. Video is like any other document. It seamlessly integrates with apps across Microsoft 365, so you get the same experience no matter where you add or engage with video content.

Over recent months, Stream (Classic) users received several communications explaining how to migrate their videos. Unless they specified otherwise, their videos were automatically migrated to their personal OneDrive or Office 365 SharePoint site under a folder called "Stream Migrated Videos." See this Knowledge Base article for instructions on locating your videos, and other information about Stream (on SharePoint).

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