Returning to campus with 2FA: I changed my mobile device and/or number


Published: 27Aug2021

Are you returning to McGill from another province or country?  Did you recently get a new device or change your phone number?  If your McGill account is enabled with two-factor authentication (2FA), you may have to transfer your 2FA settings or update your authentication methods.  This will depend on what you are using as your primary authentication method (app notification or text). Here’s what you need to know: 

When Microsoft Authenticator app is your primary authentication method (recommended):  

If you replace your mobile device, then you need to transfer your 2FA settings to your new device before parting with your old device.  For instructions, see the 2FA FAQ What if I get a new phone but keep the same number? 

If you change your number but keep the same device, no action is required. 

When text (SMS) is your primary authentication method:  

If you change your number, then you need to update your 2FA authentication methods before your number is changed. Once the old number is gone, you will not be able to authenticate with 2FA if the old number is still associated with your account.  For instructions, see the 2FA FAQ What if I get a new number? 

If you change your phone but not your number, no action is required. 

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to set up multiple authentication methods, ideally Microsoft Authenticator app and text, so that if one method becomes unavailable you can recover it using the other method.

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