Microsoft is retiring the Internet Explorer browser


Published: 25May2022

Get ready for Microsoft Edge, a modern, faster, and more secure browsing experience than Internet Explorer! Starting June 1st, we’ll be retiring the Internet Explorer browser gradually on all McGill supported computers. Whether Internet Explorer is your primary browser, or you only use it for specific tasks, you’ll no longer be able to access Internet Explorer on your device after this date. Instead, we’re moving to Microsoft Edge as our recommended browser. We recommend Edge for a few reasons:

  • One browser, not two. Edge can open both work-critical and external sites, so you don’t need to bounce between Internet Explorer and another browser to open work sites.

  • Fast performance. Edge delivers a more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer with better speed, compatibility, security, and privacy. 

How can I get started with Microsoft Edge?

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge  from your taskbar or start menu.

Step 2: Import your data from Internet Explorer by copying and pasting the following into your address bar and selecting what to import from Microsoft Internet Explorer.


You can watch a video tutorial here

Why is Internet Explorer going away?

Microsoft Edge offers a modern web experience with the benefits of Internet Explorer built in. We’re moving to Microsoft Edge as an organization before Internet Explorer is retired on June 15th, 2022.

Can I still access the sites I used to use Internet Explorer for?

Yes! Microsoft Edge lets you open older, work-critical sites right alongside newer, modern ones. This way you can just use Edge instead of going back and forth between Internet Explorer and another browser.

What if I encounter a site that doesn’t load?

If you come across a site in Edge that appears broken, you can contact IT Support by logging into the IT Support site and starting a live chat with an IT Service Desk agent.

Where can I learn more about Edge? 

There are great ways to learn about Edge online, like this interactive demo or the Microsoft website.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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