It's now easier to request an IT Comms service!

Published: 10 April 2024

Hello McGill staff, 

IT Comms is your one-stop shop for all communications needs. We now made it easy for you to submit a communication request, using an easy-to-fill-out form that ensures your request is in our hands quickly for a fast turnaround delivery. Please use this form instead of email or MS Teams to send your requests to our team, it will prevent your request from slipping through the cracks when your usual contact at IT Comm is on vacation or away for a few days. 

You can find it in the IT support portal > Make a request > IT support, communications & training (category) > IT Communications - Publish or update communication. (You can also click here to get to it right away and add it to your favorites.)

This form allows you to request various IT Comms services, including: 

  • Publishing display  slides  on the 680 Sherbrooke lobby screens. (For file specifications, please refer to KB article:  Sharing content on display screens across campus.) 
  • Updating Minerva menu text or Help page. 
  • Modifying a  Classroom Audiovisual Support Services page.  
  • Publishing announcements on the following channels: 
    • IT Services website,
    • IT support portal.
  • Sending an email from the IT Announcements mailbox. 
  • Creating Knowledge Base (KB) articles.
  • Updating a KB article outside of the annual review process. 

IMPORTANT: When submitting a request, please include the context in the Details field and attach (using the paper clip) a draft, in MS Word, with the new or updated text. Make sure to activate track changes so your modifications are easily identified.

If the list doesn’t include what you want us to do, use the option “Other” in the Communication service dropdown list and detail you need.

What happens after you submit your request? As with other requests submitted via the support portal, you will receive a confirmation email with a request number and a link to follow it through completion.

Forgot to tell us something in your original request? Simply use the link in the confirmation email to display your request on the portal and add your comment to the Type your message here… field. We will be notified immediately.


Your IT Communications and training team.

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