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Note that the following documents are projects and reports developed by IHSP interns and fellows during their time with the IHSP. Opinions expressed by students may not reflect the opinions of the IHSP.

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2020 Fall Interns

PDF icon Infographic: The Effects of COVID-19 on 2SLGBTQIA+ and Minority Mental Health
PDF icon Infographic: Fight the Flu 2020-2021
PDF icon Policy brief: Assessing Levels of Violent Crime in Winnipeg, Manitoba 


2019 Winter Interns

PDF icon Infographic: Public spaces, private lives: surveillance, equity, and the smart city
PDF icon Infographic: A gendered analysis of safe injection sites
PDF icon Policy brief: HIV amongst Canadian First Nation communities: Prevention theories and program recommendations


2018 Winter Interns

Op-ed: A Blow to the Healthcare System

Op-ed: "Eroding Values": Canada's Medicare Divide in Parallel Echo Chambers

Op-ed: How Many Dead Bodies Equal Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada?
Op-ed: Making social justice a priority: minimum wage hike to achieve health equity Op-ed:Is Money the Answer to Everything? Op-ed: Privatization: A Patient's Perspective













2017 McBurney


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