Program Details

The Language and Health program supports innovative research projects whose focus is to investigate the relationship between language and access to health or social services. Recipients meet to discuss their research and strategies for translating research to policy. Meetings are typically held in Montreal once per term, and a travel stipend may be offered to candidates who must travel to attend meetings. Students who receive funding will be required to write an 8-10 page report for the IHSP outlining key findings and plans for sharing research with relevant stakeholders.

Research themes include but are not limited to the following:
Economics of language in healthcare
• Cultural and linguistic competency
• Health or social inequalities
• Health geography and spatial statistics
• Retention of health professionals in remote or rural communities
• Second-language instruction for healthcare/social service professionals

Proposals must:
focus on access to health care for English-speaking minorities in Quebec
• include a detailed plan of action and expected deliverables
• demonstrate a clear methodological approach
• touch on impact (how will findings make a difference on the ground)
• be innovative

Training sessions focus on the politics of language, knowledge translation, the policy process, and research dissemination.  Program participants are encouraged to discuss their research throughout the program both formally and informally, through monthly meetings and email exchanges.

In the spring, Language and Health students put together a knowledge transfer plan for their research with support from the IHSP.  At the end of their program, key findings and are shared through a final report. Each year, Language and Health students are encouraged to share their findings with the IHSP/HCALM-Net community through informal seminars or formal presentations. HCALM-Net conferences are held every two years (2016, 2018).

Recruitment of new candidates occurs in the Spring. Please check our Application Details page for current recruitment information.