Facilitating Access to Health Care for English-Speaking Minorities in Quebec

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What is the focus of the program?

To encourage new and innovative research around accessing healthcare or social services for English-speaking minorities in Quebec through mentorship, training and funding

Who is it for?

  • Advanced undergraduate or graduate students from any Quebec university whose current or future research topics focus on the intersection of language and healthcare or social service provision (Honors thesis, graduate projects, dissertations)
  • Candidates who wish to focus on the financial impact language barriers can have on health or social services are especially welcome

What do students do?

  • Attend training at the IHSP (usually a full day meeting once per term)
  • Develop their research proposals on themes related to health, social services and language
  • Present research with a focus on policy to the IHSP community

Where and when does it take place?

  • Meetings take place at the IHSP (Charles Meredith House)
  • The program runs for the full academic year (Sept-April)
  • Awardees living outside of Montreal may be asked to travel once per term for meetings

How much is the award?

  • $4000

How many awards are available?

  • The award envelope of $20,000 will be divided between up to 5 candidates
  • Note that due to the highly specialized topic of this program, it may be less competitive than other IHSP programs in any given year

Program Overview

The Language and Health: Facilitating Access to Health Care for Linguistic Minorities student program provides a unique opportunity to bring together the expertise of the HCALM-Network community on access to health care and the IHSP’s focus on policy with the goal of supporting young researchers who hope to make a difference in their communities. The purpose of this partnership is:

1. To encourage new and innovative research on facilitating access to health care for English-speaking minorities in Quebec by providing support to students not currently affiliated with the TRHP through mentorship, training and funding.

2. To equip students interested in access to healthcare for linguistic minorities with skills and tools to connect with other researchers and the broader community through training on health systems, the policy process, and knowledge translation.

The research component of the TRHP brings together a network of researchers investigating health care access for linguistic minorities (HCALM- Network). This research is part of a growing movement worldwide to understand patient- practitioner communication and its impact on health care delivery.

Current Students

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