Program Details

Recruitment for Winter 2020 is now open! Deadline to apply: December 1st at 11:59PM.

The internship is composed of two main elements. The bulk of the internship is the work carried out in collaboration with supervisors, while a weekly seminar/workshop series exposes interns to a variety of disciplines and provides training in translating research to policy. The internship is an opportunity that will require at least as great a time commitment as an academic course—it is recommended that students selected to be interns reduce their workload accordingly for the semester.

Duration and payment: This internship program is offered for 13 weeks in the Winter semester. Students are expected to spend 10-15 hours per week on their internship project for the entire semester. At the end of their internship, students receive an award of $2000.

At the beginning of the internship, students meet with their supervisors to go over specific tasks and goals for the semester-long program. For this part of the program, interns are accountable to supervisors for work on their project.

The training component is carried out through a weekly seminar or workshop, typically one to two hours in length.

Training sessions may include:

Sessions focused on Research to Action
• What is Interdisciplinary Research?
• Challenges for Researchers in Health and Social Policy
• How Can We Influence Policy?
• Knowledge Translation
• Data Visualization/Representation
• Guest speakers from government
• Tips for Disseminating Research
• Working with the Media
Sessions focused on Professional/Academic Skills
• Careers in Health and Social Policy
• Presentation Skills
• Academic Integrity
• Literature Reviews
• Proof reading/editing
• Self-evaluation
• Networking Skills

Roles and responsibilities

Student Responsibilities
• Spend 10-15 hours per week on a defined policy research project (for a total of no more than 195 hours)
• Attend and actively participate in weekly seminars/workshops
• Engage in one small collaborative project focusing on policy
• Present findings to IHSP faculty and staff and the policy partner
• Complete a supervisor/program evaluation form

Supervisor Responsibilities
• Establish a clear and reasonable project to be completed over 13 weeks
• Clearly communicate expectations to students
• Provide feedback on internship work (two formal evaluations, informal meetings/email as needed)
• Meet with intern throughout the semester
• Show how intern work relates to the overall efforts of the research program

Student Programs Administrator Responsibilities
• Actively recruit students and facilitate the application/hiring process
• Work with faculty to establish internship projects prior to January
• Administer all paperwork concerning the internship in conjunction with the Administrative Officer
• Schedule and facilitate the training program
• Check in with students and supervisors bi-weekly
• Provide evaluation tools to interns and supervisors
• Field administrative questions throughout the internship
• Maintain student alumni network