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Student Programs

Recruitment for our 2019 Language and Health Student Program is officially open!

Deadline: Friday, May 31 at 11:59PM

This program supports student research focusing on the relationship between language and access to health or social services. In collaboration with the Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project (TRHP) the Language and Health care Research Program: Facilitating Access to Health Care for English-Speaking Minorities in Quebec brings together graduate students who are interested in the role language plays in accessing health and social services in Quebec. Started in 2014, 13 students have taken part in the program to date. For more information click here 

Recruitment for our 2019 Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program is closed.

Training and mentoring future researchers in policy-making and fieldwork is one of the key mandates of the Institute for Health and Social Policy. In order to meet these goals, five separate programs provide students with the opportunity to engage in a multidisciplinary institute and address issues of health and inequality, the social determinants of health and well-being through a variety of projects and activities.

Common Threads through the Commonwealth focuses on exploring innovative and promising approaches to address key challenges to health, well-being and equity through international scholarship and internship opportunities. These opportunities are made possible by the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program, which aims to activate a community of young global leaders through innovative scholarships in Commonwealth countries. From September 2015 to December 2019, the IHSP will fund graduate students from Commonwealth countries to study at McGill, and will send Canadian interns and scholars to Commonwealth countries.

IHSP Research to Policy Dragon’s Den Summer Workshop is a unique opportunity for graduate students to take on an important current policy challenge, develop a concrete proposal for policy change, and move it to action. Participants will hone their skills in using evidence to impact policy, in working and thinking across sectors and disciplines, and in “selling” an idea to prominent policy and media leaders.

The Internship Program, run twice per year, provides a unique opportunity within the McGill community for students from across disciplines to be involved in research projects currently in progress at the IHSP.  Open to both graduate and undergraduate students, the IHSP internship program is comprised of work experience at a research institute, training in research and policy, and workshops on personal and professional development within the health and social policy arena. Since it began in 2006, 181 interns have benefited from this program.

The Graduate Award Program, implemented in 2013, seeks to provide graduate students with the skills needed to bridge the gap between research and practice.  It is designed to facilitate graduate work in the areas of health and social policy through a series of seminars, including workshops, training sessions, and opportunities to present findings. Central to the program is fostering a sense of community among a cohort of graduate students in an interdisciplinary setting through regular meetings and the provision of workspace. Working with mentors at the IHSP, students are encouraged to bring policy relevance to their existing research. Twenty-seven graduate students have been supported through this program.

The McBurney Fellowship Program supports students in international service programs related to health and social policy in Latin America. McBurney Fellows serve abroad in organizations working to meet the basic needs of local populations.  One key aspect of this fellowship is its mandate to make a significant contribution to improving the health and social conditions of poor and marginalized populations through the delivery of concrete and measurable interventions. Currently in its fifth year, the McBurney Fellowship has funded over 64 students. 


Students may also be interested in McGill University Travel Awards For Global Health, offered through McGill's Global Health Programs.