Transnational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century

Principal Investigator:  David Wright
Co-Investigator: Sasha Mullally (UNB)

This ongoing research project examines the transnational history of physician migration in the second half of the twentieth century. It analyzes the complex patterns of migration of physicians between national jurisdictions. There emerged patterns of migration that were structured by cultural ties of the Commonwealth (and for French-speaking physicians, La Francophonie), the tradition of postgraduate medical training in Britain, and the modernization of immigration laws in receiving countries.

This project thus lies at the intersection of history of medicine, history of health policy, and immigration history. It has resulted in several articles, book chapters and two major publications (see below).

Doctors Beyond Borders: The Translational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century coverForeign Practices book coverMajor Publications from the Project:

Mullally, Sasha, and David Wright. Foreign Practices: Immigrant Doctors and the History of Canadian Medicare. Vol. 54, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2020. JSTOR,

Monnais, Laurence, and David Wright, editors. Doctors beyond Borders: The Transnational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century. University of Toronto Press, 2016. JSTOR,


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