McBurney Professional Training Program

Health and Social Services in Latin America

Prof. Matthew Hunt discussing how to safely mobilize patients with hemiplegia, with a group of rehabilitation technician students, Haiti
With the generous support of the McBurney Advanced Training Initiative, the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy is pleased to be funding five professional development programs aimed at strengthening the capacity of local health and social service leaders in Latin America to deliver services to marginalized populations. The McBurney Initiative is a unique opportunity for McGill faculty to deliver multi-year “train the trainer” programs to local professionals who provide health and social services to poor and marginalized populations. All five projects are now well underway with innovative training programs and strong local partnerships.


Breaking Down the Barriers – Improving Nutrition and Health Counseling Services to Facilitate Behaviour Change in Peru
McGill Lead Researcher: Grace S. Marquis, McGill School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, 2012-2017
TEACH project - Training and Education for Andean Community Health, Bolivia
McGill Lead Researcher: Alison Doucet, McGill Department of Family Medicine, 2012-2017
Distance Education in Interdisciplinary Clinical Services Management for Latin-American Public PHC workers, Argentina and regionally across Latin America
McGill Lead Researcher: Jeannie Haggarty, McGill Department of Family Medicine, 2012-2017
Supporting the Training of Rehabilitation Providers in Haiti
McGill Lead Researcher: Matthew Hunt, McGill School of Occupational Health and Physical Therapy, 2013-2016
Training Program for Mental Health Professionals in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
McGill Lead Researcher: Juan C. Negrete, McGill Faculty of Medicine, 2012-2015

Projects are led by a McGill faculty member with demonstrated experience delivering training programs in health, education and/or social services in relevant settings. For more information, please contact jennifer.proudfoot [at] (Jennifer Proudfoot)

To learn more about McBurney Latin America Opportunities for students, visit the student programs page. 



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