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2014 Talks and Conferences

José Mendoza will represent the Maternal and Child Health Equity team at the 12th Annual European Network for Social Policy Analysis (ESPAnet) conference in Norway from September 4-6. He will present Mohammad Hajizadeh’s work on “Paid maternal leave and childhood vaccination uptake: A multilevel analysis in 20 low-and-middle-income countries.”

On July 24 Leticia Morales (convenor), Daniel Weinstock (chair) and Jurgen de Wispelaere (presenter) are on a panel entitledGoverning Controversies in Health: Should Judges Decide?” as part of the International Political Science Association’s 23rd World Congress. The conference takes place in Montreal from July 19- 24. Jurgen will speak on “Contesting Health Controversies: A Republican Perspective on Health, Politics and Law.” Leticia will present on “Governing Health Controversies through the Judiciary.” 
Leticia Morales presents “Basic Income for Keeps: A Constitutional Solution for a Political Problem?” at the 15th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), Montreal (Canada), 26-29 June 2014.
Daniel Weinstock was the plenary speaker at the International Association of Constitutional Law World Congress on Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local, “Embedding the Constitution in Society (Challenges from Below)”, Oslo, Norway, June 17. 
Jurgen De Wispelaere's recent conference presentations include a talk at CREUM (UdeM) and a keynote at the 60th anniversary conference of UdeM’s École de réadaptation.
Daniel Weinstock and Jurgen De Wispelaere travelled to the University of Sheffield, UK for a conference on The Nature and Value of Childhood, May 16-17, 2014. Daniel Weinstock’s talk is entitled 'On the complementarity of the ages of life: Why we wouldn't want adulthood without childhood, or childhood without adulthood'Jurgen De Wispelaere will speak on 'Political rights for Rugrats: Children in the democratic state.'

On March 21, Jill Baumgartner presented at Duke University’s Global Health Institute on “Environmental Interventions for Improving Cardiovascular Health in China.”

Dr. Frank J. Elgar gave a talk on "Relative Deprivation, Neighbourhood Social Capital and Mental Health in Canadian Adolescents" at the Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting in Austin, Texas, on March 22, 2014. Also at this meeting, MSc student Anthony Napoletano (Psychiatry) will present his research on "Relative deprivation and bullying victimization in Canadian adolescents." 

Amm Quamruzzaman presented his ongoing research on "Governance for Health in the Global South", highlighting the political determinants of health inequality in the low- and middle-income countries at the SSMU Equity Conference. Focused on the subject of "Equity and Health," the conference took place at McGill on March 13th and 14th

Jurgen De Wispelaere gave a lecture at the Little BIG conference, New Mexico State University, February 6th to 8th. His talk is entitled "Universal Basic Income: From Justice to Legitimacy?"

Daniel Weinstock spoke at IRCM café scientifique: Does neuroscience explain human morality? Tuesday, Feb 11. IT’S NOT MY FAULT, MY BRAIN MADE ME DO IT!”


2014 News and Publications

Increased risk of respiratory illness associated with kerosene fuel use among women and children in urban Bangalore, India

Jill Baumgartner, along with a team of researchers, conducted a study in Bangalore, India, found that the use of kerosene was associated with higher rates of bronchitis, phlegm and chest illnesses compared to cleaner cooking fuels. Occup Environ Med.


Published October 23, 2014

Downs: The History of a Disability

David Wright, medical historian, was interviewed by New Books in Medicine regarding his 2011 publication, "Downs: The History of a Disability," winner of the British Society for the History of Science's 2013 Dingle Prize.

Published online Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Cyberbulling Victimization and Mental Health in Adolescents and the Moderating Role of Family Dinners

IHSP faculty member Frank Elgar was part of a team of researchers that conducted a study on the impact of family interaction on the mental health of victims of cyberbulling. They concluded that dining as a family reduced the detrimental impacts of being cyberbullied on adolescents. JAMA.

Published online Monday, September 1, 2014.

Scottish referendum piques Quebecer's interest

IHSP Director Daniel Weinstock discusses the upcoming Scottish referendum from a Quebecois perspective. 

Appeared on CTV Thursday, September 11, 2014.

How Canadians and Americans view each other's health system

IHSP and McGill Political Scientist Antonia Maioni surveys public opinion on both sides of the border. 

Published in the Globe and Mail, Friday September 5, 2014.

Highway proximity and black carbon from cookstovesas a risk factor for higher blood pressure in rural China

Research by Jill Baumgartner and colleagues investigates the impact of black carbon emissions on climate change and health risks in Asia. They find that black carbon exposure has a strong association with systolic blood pressure, and that its effect is strengthened by coexposure to vehicle emissions. Jill Baumgartner, Yuanxun Zhang, James J. Schauer, Wei Huang, Yuqin Wang, and Majid Ezzati. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States of America. Published July 2014. 

Leticia Morales book Derechos sociales constitucionales y democracia, is forthcoming in September with Editorial Marcial Pons, Spain (with a foreword by Roberto Gargarella, a leading Latin-American legal scholar).

Political Neutrality: A Re-evaluation

Daniel Weinstock and Roberto Merrill have brought together a collection of ten essays on the idea of liberal neutrality. London: Palgrave MacMillanPublished Aug 2014.

Leticia Morales is convening a workshop on “Health, Law and Policy” at the IHSP on 25 July 2014. Participants include: Jurgen De Wispelaere (McGill University), Bruce Jennings (Yale School of Public Health), Antonia Maioni (McGill University), Vardit Ravitsky (Universite de Montreal), Catherine Regis (Universite de Montreal), Keith Syrett (Cardiff University), and Daniel Weinstock (McGill University).

Working and hypertension: gaps in employment not associated with increased risk in 13 European countries, a retrospective cohort study.

Researchers with the Healthier Societies Initiative find that, despite growing evidence that suggests unemployment has a role in the development and incidence of cardiovascular disease, being unemployed does not lead to an increase risk of hypertension. Juliet Rumball-Smith, Arijit Nandi and Jay S KaufmanBMC Public Health. Published May 2014 

Pollutant Emissions and Energy Efficiency of Chinese Gasifier Cooking Stoves and Implications for Future Intervention Studies

Research by Professor Baumgartner and colleagues seeks to classify gasifier stove performance and identify the best-performing stoves in order to find low-polluting alternatives to current solid fuel combustion stoves, which are the leading environmental health risk factor globally.Ellison M. Carter, Ming Shan, Xudong Yang, Jiarong Li, Jill BaumgartnerEnvironmental Science and Technology. Published May 2014

Adolescents' psychological health complaints and the economic recession in late 2007: a multilevel study in 31 countries.

Frank Elgar co-authored a study that analyzed data from the “Health Behaviour in School-aged Children' study” before and after the 2007 economic crisis. The researchers found that the 2007 recession had virtually no impact on adolescent’s psychological health. European Journal of Public Health. Published May 2014. 

Celebrating our Doctral Students

Douglas Barthold received the Faculty of Arts Graduate Student Teaching Award for 2014. Congratulations Doug!

Miser sur l'égalité: L’argent, le pouvoir, le bien-être et la liberté

Cette ouvrage présente des arguments étoffés en faveur d’une société juste et équilibrée, où ensemble les citoyens choisissent de miser sur l’égalité.Chris Barrington-Leigh a contribué un chapitre intitulé «Comprendre l’égalité par le bien-être »

Groupe Fides inc. Institut du Nouveau Monde

Publié avril 2014

Childhood Obesity: Ethical and Policy Issues

Childhood obesity has become a central concern in many countries and a range of policies have been implemented or proposed to address it. This co-authored book is the first to focus on the ethical and policy questions raised by childhood obesity and its prevention.Kristin Voigt, Stuart G. Nicholls, and Garrath Williams, Oxford Univeristy PressPublished Apr 2014

Le bonheur, unité de mesure économique

Entrevue avec Chris Barrington-Leigh par Sophie Chartier sur les mesures de bien-être des populations et l’importance du bonheur collectif.ITINERAIRE.CA (p19)Publié le 15 mars 2014

Association Among Socioeconomic Status, Health Behaviors, and All-Cause Mortality in the United States  Nandi et al. find that smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical inactivity explain 68% of the association between socioeconomic status and all-cause mortality in US adults. The study suggests that reducing the socioeconomic disparities in unhealthy behaviors can also reduce the socioeconomic disparities in mortality.Nandi, Glymour, Subramanian, EpidemiologyPublished Mar 2014 

Disability Weights in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?  

Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Voigt and King discuss the global burden of disease (GBD) 2010 study, which allows a standardized comparison between health conditions with different symptoms. They highlight both the improvements and the limitations of using GBD data as a tool for policy decisions and resource allocation. 

Researchers with the Maternal and Child Health Equity group explore health inequalities using DHS surveys:  

Socioeconomic inequalities in HIV/AIDS prevalence in Sub-Saharan African countries: Evidence from Demographic Health Surveys Hajizadeh, M., Sia, D., Heymann, J. and Nandi, A, International Journal for Equity in HealthPublished Feb 2014

Social inequality in infant mortality: What explains the variation across low and middle income countries? Hajizadeh, M., Nandi, A. and Heymann, J, Social Science & MedicinePublished Jan 2014

Diabetes Associated With Early Labor-Force Exit: A Comparison Of Sixteen High-Income Countries

Researchers with the Healthier Societies Initiative find that people diagnosed with diabetes had a 30 percent increase in the rate of labor-force exit, compared to people without the disease. Rumball-Smith, Barthold, Nandi, Heymann, Health AffairsPublished Jan 2014

What lies behind gender inequalities in HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan African countries: evidence from Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania.

Researchers with the MACHEquity group investigate HIV/AIDS gender inequalities in Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania. 

Men Get More Bang for their Healthcare Buck

Researchers with the Healthier Societies Initiative recently discovered a gender gap in health care expenditure efficiency across 27 industrialized countries. Published in the American Journal of Public Health, Barthold et al. demonstrate that for every dollar spent on health care, men stand to gain more than women in terms of life expectancy.  Read coverage of the article on CNNFuturity, the HuffingtonPostExaminer.comMedicalXPress  or  Counsel&Heal.

News and Publications from 2013

What we were up to in 2013

Leticia Morales will take part at the Workshop on Factual Disagreement and Political Legitimacy, to be held at Copenhagen University, on December 16-17, 2013.

Leticia Morales will take part at the Workshop on Factual Disagreement and Political Legitimacy, to be held at Copenhagen University, on December 16-17, 2013. Dr. Morales presentation is entitled: “Factual Disagreements about Health: (Re)considering the Legitimacy of the Courts”. Click here for more information.



The Healthier Societies Initiative has launched a new interactive website with user-friendly, interactive visual tools!

This new website  provides resources to help the public better understand their health systems, both through comparisons with other countries and sub-nationally. By providing user-friendly, interactive visual tools, the HSI website allows users to compare health policies across provinces, graph health care trends, and identify areas with greatest need.


Daniel Weinstock will participate in the World Café on Pitfalls in Health Policy Reporting, Concordia University, Sept 27. Keynote presentation to be given by Trudy Lieberman

World Café on Pitfalls in Health Policy Reporting

Keynote presentation to be given by Trudy Liebermanimmediate past president of the Association of Health Care Journalists in the U.S.

An interactive world café to discuss pitfalls in health policy reporting and ideas for moving forward with evidence based discussions featuring Dr. Daniel Weinstock (IHSP), Dr.


MACHEquity research team in Cape Town, South Africa, from September 9th to 11th

Prof. Arijit Nandi, along with members of the MACHEquity research team, will meet with experts from around the world for the annual Maternal and Child Health Equity project meeting hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, from September 9th to 11th.



News and Publications

Analyzing Whether Countries Are Equally Efficient at Improving Longevity for Men and Women

Douglas Barthold et al, American Journal of Public Health

Published Dec 12 2013


What lies behind gender inequalities in HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan African countries: evidence from Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania.


Researchers with the MACHEquity group unraveled the causes of HIV/AIDS gender inequalities in Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania. Their research found that in Tanzania, the gender inequality in HIV/AIDS was explained by differences in the distributions of HIV risk factors between men and women. In contrast, in Kenya and Lesotho, this inequality was partly explained by differences in the effects across men and women of measured HIV/AIDS risk factors, including socio-demographic.

Published Dec 2013


The Politics of Unconditional Basic Income: Bringing Bureaucracy Back

Jurgen De Wispelaere, Political Studies

Published Dec 2013 

Is 'Obamacare' like Canada's health-care system? 'Not even close.'

Antonia Maioni, Interview with CTV News

Published Friday, Oct 4, 2013 

Obamacare vs. Canada: Five key differences

Antonia Maioni, Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013

Heureux, les Québécois ? Oui, et de plus en plus

Chris Barrington-Leigh's research highlighted by Pierre Fortin in L'Acualité

Published Sept 6, 2013

A life of one’s own: republican freedom and disability

Jurgen De Wispelaere, Disability and Society

Published Aug 27, 2013

Who, exactly, is being unified by Quebec’s Charter of values?

Antonia Maioni, Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Aug 26, 2013

Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research

Jurgen De Wispelaere et al. Edited Volume published by Wiley-Blackwell

Published July 2013

Smokers need not apply

Kristin Voigt interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family meals nourish mental health

Frank Elgar interviews on the Global Montreal, Morning News

Published March 25, 2013

Le bonheur québécois

Chris Barrington-Leigh, La Presse

Published Nov 26, 2012

The CAQ's health reform plan is 'painfully simple'

Antonia Maioni, The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Aug 13, 2012

Raising a Disabled Child takes a Village (and an RDSP)

Antonia Maioni, Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011