"Learning policy-making at IHSP's three day dragon's den was an invaluable experience. The speakers were experts in policy making from a variety of fields, selected perfectly for our needs in preparing a policy brief for the Dragons. As was the support of the IHSP mentors who shadowed us throughout the process and gave insight and guidance as throughout the process.  Working with a group of highly motivated McGill students from a variety of disciplines and pitching our policy to the Dragons was informative into the world of journalism and policy-making. The whole experience was very enjoyable; I learned a lot and made valuable friendships. Thank you IHSP!” –

- Nour Hammami, University of Waterloo, Public Health

"The Dragon's Den Research to Policy workshop took us through the process of designing and pitching a policy proposal to journalists and policy-makers. The hands-on approach really illustrated the practical difficulties of designing effective and politically feasible policy solutions to address complex health issues. I found the workshop incredibly eye-opening and recommend it to anyone interested in working in public policy."

- Gabriella Fanous, McGill University, Geography

“In nursing, evidence-based practice is crucial to safe and effective bedside care. However, broad policy and procedural changes using cutting edge research can be challenging to implement in large care centres. As a graduate student in nursing, I was taught how to design, implement and publish research studies, but I felt unprepared for translating this research into practical clinical knowledge. In one weekend, the Dragon's Den challenged me to work with people from various academic backgrounds to take theoretical research and make it digestible for a wide variety of stakeholders. When my colleagues and I presented our finished pitch to a panel of media, political and civil society representatives, we had stepped out from under our academic and clinical safety blankets. I came away with a new appreciation for the complex and multidisciplinary nature of knowledge translation, one which I will carry with me through my practice.”

- Abbey Mahon, McGill University, Nursing