Media Coverage

19th April 2018, McGill Reporter, Legalizing marijuana in Canada - what will it mean? 
22nd April 2018, The Globe and Mail,The red flags ahead of Canada’s marijuana legalization,  Daniel Weinstock & Andrew Potter 
22 May, 2018, Open Canada, Canada looks abroad for lessons ahead of legalizing cannabis, Celine Cooper
29 May, 2018, Montreal Gazette, Let Quebec decide on growing pot at home, Celine Cooper 
14 June, 2018, The Globe and Mail, We can’t let the window close on reforming our pot laws,  Andrew Potter 
15 June, 2018, Montreal Gazette, 14 years for selling pot to youth? Lawyers say punishments under Liberal pot bill ludicrous, Sharon Kirkey 
26 June 2018, McGill International Review, Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry: An Interview with Tahira Rehmatullah, Alec Regino 
26 June 2018, McGill International Review, Legal Marijuana and Supply: An Interview with University of Waterloo Professor Anindya Sen, Alec Regino 
26 June, 2018, McGill International Review, Public Policy and Cannabis in Quebec: An Interview with INSPQ Scientific Advisor François Gagnon, Alec Regino 
5 September, 2018, McGill International Review, Review’s Radio: Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization Policy, 18 Years Later: An Interview with Dr. João Goulão



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