2009 Annual Research to Policy Conference - Educational Equity: Global and National Strategies

2009 Conference

On Saturday, May 2nd, 2009, the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) hosted Educational Equity: Global and National Strategies. This conference was an opportunity for a group of leading international policy and academic experts, including representatives of the Canadian Government and non-governmental organizations, to present and discuss programs and policies that promote equity in education globally. Plenary and policy sessions addressed equity in pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education, focusing on socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, language, geography and disability.

IHSP Educational Equity: Global and National Strategies Conference Agenda [.pdf]

Welcome and Introduction

Jody Heymann, Founding Director, McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy and Principal Investigator, WORLD Data Centre. Welcome and Introduction [.pdf] click here for video footage

Opening Keynotes: What is the Global Scale and Context of Inequity in Education?

Abhijit Banerjee, Founding Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab and Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The challenge of educational equity [.pdf] click here for video footage

Shantayanan Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank's South Asia Region. Educational Equity in Africa and South Asia [.pdf] click here for video footage

Plenary Panel: Equity in Pre-Primary and Primary Education: The Critical Challenge of Simultaneously Improving Access, Quality and Inclusion

Jessica Ball, Coordinator, First Nations Partnership Programs and Professor in the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria. Promoting educational equity for Indigenous children in Canada through quality early childhood programs [.pdf] click here for video footage

Marcia Rioux, Director, Institute for Health Research and Professor in the School of Health Policy and Management, York University. Early Childhood Education: a rights approach to making it happen [.pdf] click here for video footage

Merle Froschl and Barbara Sprung, Co-Directors, Center for Educational Equity at the Academy for Educational Development. From Disengagement toEngagement: Educational Equity for Boys PreK-3 [.pdf] click here for video footage

Marlaine Lockheed, Visiting Fellow at the Center for Global Development and Lecturer of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Gender and Social Exclusion in Education [.pdf] click here for video footage

Luncheon Keynotes: Innovative, Non-Formal Approaches to Educational Equity

Perri Klass, Medical Director, Reach Out and Read and Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics at New York University. Early Literacy Development: A Pediatric Perspective [.pdf] click here for video footage

Sakena Yacoobi, Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning and Co-Founder and Vice President of Creating Hope International click here for video footage

Plenary Panel: Equity in Secondary and Tertiary Education: Consolidating Gains, Improving Transitions and Increasing Opportunities

Albert Motivans, Head of Education Statistics, UNESCO Institute for Statistics Expansion and inequality:changing global patterns in secondary and tertiary educational opportunities [.pdf] click here for video footage

Peter Evans, Senior Analyst, Education and Training Policy Division, OECD Directorate of Education. Inequities in secondary and tertiary education for students with disabilities [.pdf] click here for video footage

Fenella Mukangara, Director of the Gender Centre at the University of Dar es Salaam and former Chair of the Tanzania Gender Networking Program. Pre Entry Study as Affirmative Action that Works [.pdf] click here for video footage

Closing Keynotes: How Do We Know What Works, and How Can We Reach Our Goals?

Fernando Reimers, Director of Global Education and of International Education Policy and Ford Foundation Professor of International Education, Harvard University. How do we know what works to promote educational equity [.pdf] click here for video footage

Robert Prouty, Manager, Education for All - Fast Track Initiative (EFA-FTI) and Lead Education Specialist at the World Bank. Putting Educational Equity on the Fast Track: Strategies to achieve equity in education — the only path to EFA [.pdf] click here for video footage

Poster Presentations on Model Programs

Ebony Bertorelli Providing Quality Education for Marginalized Children in Uttar Pradesh [.pdf]

Aneel Brar NGO-Government partnerships and universal access to quality primary education in Northern India (Himachal Pradesh and Punjab) [.pdf]

Olivier Drouin Community-based organizations, children, AIDS and poverty: Lessons from Malawi [.pdf]

Brittany Lambert Intercultural Bilingual Education: A Strategy for Reducing Discrimination against Indigenous Students in Bolivia? [.pdf]

Joshua Levy Language and Educational Equity: New Mexico & New Brunswick [.pdf]

Lauren Matheson Gender Equality and Early Childhood Education in Sweden [.pdf]

Shannahn McInnis Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in New Brunswick [.pdf]

Laura Pilozzi-Edmonds Increasing Gender Equity in Higher Education: A Case Study of the Special Pre-Entry Program for the College of Engineering and Technology of the University of [.pdf]