The IHSP sponsors international conferences that bring together policymakers, community leaders, academics and people in training. The goal of these conferences is to help bridge the gap between evidence and action on critical social issues.  In addition to international conferences, the IHSP is involved in a number of local and international conferences and workshops.

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IHSP 2021 Conference

Policies for Better Lives:
Strategies for life satisfaction and human wellbeing

The McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) is pleased to announce its 2021 annual conference “Policies for Better Lives: Strategies for life satisfaction and human wellbeing”. This on-line conference will take place in May 2021 featuring national and international expert panels, discussion and workshops in four weekly on-line sessions. Panelists and participants will be invited from research, policy and practitioner communities to share and discuss potential and current best practice in bringing evidence on life satisfaction to policy. Together they will evaluate bold candidate policy recommendations, assess their current feasibility, and identify key strategies for working across disciplines, jurisdictions and sectors to improve the experienced quality of life in Canada.

The current global disruption presents an important moment to assess our collective understanding of what contributes to human wellbeing, and to develop policies that contribute to its achievement. Decades of life satisfaction research and evidence can play a key role in helping governments worldwide assess the costs and benefits of prospective policies for wellbeing – and many, including the Canadian federal government and several provinces and municipalities, have started to take this evidence as an actionable guide for developing new policy and budgeting processes and priorities. This conference will be an opportunity for Canadians across sectors to learn about the latest evidence and its potential for shifting policy and programs, and to strategize together on key policies for better lives.

Les conférenciers feront leur présentation en anglais, mais les questions et commentaires pourront être faits en français.




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