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Each year, the Institute for Health and Social Policy hosts a series of events. These include conferences and workshops with national and global participation, as well as a public webinar and seminar series. These events explore what is known about how social and environmental conditions impact on health and how this knowledge can be translated into policies and programs that make a difference. Click here if you are interested in being added to our Email List.

IHSP Policy Talks

IHSP Policy Talks are seminars led by researchers, policymakers, and practitioners concerning key challenges, evidence, and strategies for improving population health, well-being, and equity. These talks will be recorded on Zoom and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Upcoming 2022 Events


For more information about our upcoming events, please visit our new Equity, Ethics and Policy Website.


The IHSP Policy Talks Webinars were recorded on Zoom and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

If you want to see what other events we have hosted, please visit our Past Events page.

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