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Disgust or Dignity? The Moral Basis of Harm Reduction

Stoljar, N. Disgust or Dignity? The Moral Basis of Harm Reduction. Health Care Anal (2020).


Published: 27 Oct 2020

COVID-19 vaccines: McGill researchers track the global race

McGill University professor Nicole Basta and her team have created an interactive online COVID-19 vaccine tracker, that provides real-time updates on progress in developing a safe and effective vaccine.

Published: 26 Oct 2020

Mandatory vaccinations required in only half of all countries

As countries struggle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination uptake is a public health priority now more than ever. Efforts to increase vaccinations vary greatly around the globe. A new McGill-led study comparing policies around the world finds broad implementation of mandatory vaccination mandates. However, the penalties for failing to vaccinate differ significantly by country, ranging from fines to jail time.

Published: 22 Oct 2020

International Day of the Girl 👧👧🏾👧🏻👧🏿👧🏼👧🏽

Celebrate with us International Day of the Girl  👧👧🏾👧🏻👧🏿👧🏼👧🏽

To celebrate the #DayOfTheGirl we are officially launching the Girlfesto Virtual Exhibition. The Girlfesto, a manifesto made by girls and for girls, was drafted at the Circles Within Circles c

Published: 11 Oct 2020

Inappropriate prescriptions sending hospitalized seniors back to the ER

Two in three hospitalized seniors are prescribed drugs that should be avoided by older adults, increasing the risk of injury and adverse drug reactions. Improving hospital prescribing practices can reduce the frequency of inappropriate medications and resulting harm, according to a new study led by McGill University researchers.

Published: 5 Aug 2020


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