Special Seminar: Mohamed Karmali - "One Health" - Building a sustainable development approach to address emerging infectious diseases


Charles Meredith House Conference Room, 1130 avenue des Pins Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 1A3, CA

The Institute for Health and Social Policy is pleased to present this special seminar by Visiting Scholar Dr. Mohamed Karmali.

A light lunch will be served.


New infectious pathogens, many with a global reach, including the SARS, H1N1 influenza, West Nile and Ebola viruses, and now, the Zika virus, are emerging at an alarming rate. The vast majority of new emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) arise from animals and the environment. The traditional public health approach to deal with EIDs has been emergency responses to quell the outbreak. However there is now a growing appreciation that a more sustainable approach to address EIDs, known as the “One Health” approach, is to address their upstream determinants at the human/animal/environmental interface in a more holistic and integrated manner.

About Dr. Mohamed Karmali:

Dr. Karmali has been involved in studying EIDs for over 30 years, initially at the Sickkids Hospital, Toronto, and subsequently at the Public Health Agency of Canada where he has been director-general of a “One Health” program since 1999. His talk will provide an overview of the “One Health” concept with an emphasis on the social and societal drivers of EID and the national and international policy challenges. He will also emphasize the urban dimensions of One Health and the future challenges for our cities from EIDs in the context of climate change.

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