QHM 2022 Keynote and Opening Event: (Trans)itioning Inward: Making Art with Intention with Teiya Kasahara 笠原貞野


Tanna Schulich Hall, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building., 527 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC, CA

Teiya Kasahara 笠原 貞野 (they/them) became an opera singer as a teen but it took two decades to become an intentional artist. This talk chronicles Teiya’s journey from opera singer to ethical artist through queer, trans and racialized self-awareness, and what these identities mean for how they make art in meaningful ways. We are also fortunate to have the evening and the month opened by our invited Elder Sedalia Kawennotas Fazio.

Catered reception 5-6pm / Keynote 6-7:30pm


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