The Institute for Health and Social Policy was created to conduct and support world-class research on how social conditions impact population health and welfare, and to lead programs designed to translate research findings into policies and programs on national and global scales. The Institute is committed to building collaborations with policymakers and to developing model programs in order to address population needs.

The IHSP occupies a central role in McGill University as a multidisciplinary centre that conducts research and knowledge mobilization on issues of health and social policy.

The goals of the IHSP are:

  1. To investigate the nature of health inequality, and the social determinants of health and well-being, from local and international perspectives; 
  2. To explore the measurement of health and well-being, both conceptually and empirically; 
  3. To train and mentor future researchers in policy-making and fieldwork in disparate national environments;
  4. To work with stakeholders and governments in order to translate leading health research into policy at the provincial, national and international levels