Thursday, June 22, 2023 09:00to11:00
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(9:00 - 10:00)
Dr. Vanessa Di Lalla
IHSE Scholarship Electives participant end of elective presentation
Supervisor Dr Joanne Alfieri
Evaluation of Simulation-Based Virtual Patient Encounters for Learning Oncology Emergency Management

Vanessa Di Lalla is currently finishing her 4th year of residency in Radiation Oncology at McGill. Since the start of residency, she has had an interest in medical education, in particular in implementing CBD and improving residency education. During her fellowship years, she plans to complete a masters in medical education.

(10:00 - 11:00)
Dr. Gianluca Bertolizio
Supervised by Dr. Dan Poenaru
Virtual reality in anesthesia education

After graduating in Anesthesia and Intensive Care in 2007, Dr. Bertolizio specialized in pediatric anesthesia at McGill University in 2011 and pediatric cardiac anesthesia at Harvard University in 2012. His working experience includes University of Milan, Loma Linda University, Bambino Gesú Hospital, Doctor Without Borders and McGill University.

He is currently Associate Professor at McGill University, Anesthetist-in-Chief at the Shriners Hospital for Children – Canada, and has been enrolled in a Master in Surgical and Interventional Science since 2022.
Over the years, Dr. Bertolizio directed part of his studies toward neonatal cerebral physiology and protection, postoperative pain, and Virtual Reality for medical education.

He loves art, philosophy, traveling, and motorbikes.

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