Globally All Over the Place

Globalization can be as big as environmental issues or as small as something that happened around us in our everyday lives. This is especially so in a very international graduate class in the Faculty of Education of McGill University in winter 2021.

As part of the course Globalization, Education, and Social Change, a group of graduate students created Globally All Over the Place. This exhibition demonstrates how globalization impacts all aspects of life. It shows how we take part in globalization while simultaneously, as researchers, observing it and studying it. This impacts us by not only going through our own stories, but by being exposed to the stories of others. Curating globalization can teach us that we are active players in globalization and social change; a key factor to continuous education and research into globalization. It can allow us to see that we are a part of this globalization movement; we can impact the world while making change in our own bubbles.

To see the exhibition slides, please click here.
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